La Rodade Estate

Contracting party: Logidôme

85 publicly owned dwellings constructed

  • 36 publicly owned dwellings redeveloped
  • 65 individual dwellings redeveloped
  • Residentialisation

 17,832 M2 / COST OF WORKS: € 15.4 M EXCLUSIVE OF TAX / DELIVERY: 2006

Environmental Approach:
+ 55 % permeable surface

With its factory car park, square and suburban houses, La Rodade workers’ housing estate, built in the 1920s was lying dormant, incapable of connecting to the surrounding urban network and fabric. In this delicate context, our job is to create a dynamic neighbourhood, linking the redevelopment of the estates and gardens with new dwellings. This living area is to be organised around community groups, reinitiating dialogue with the town, while “protecting” itself from the proximity of the factory and car parks. The development of the La Rodade estate will be the first part of a larger project, involving this rapidly changing area of town.