Le Clos Saint Jacques Apartments

SCIC HABITAT Bourbon-Auvergne
Core mission: Demolition and reconstruction of 240 student dwellings for the Clermont-Ferrand Students’ Representative Body

6,694 M2 / € 8 M / 2009-2012

Environmental Approach:

  • Integration of the building in the site, suitability of openings and installations with regard to the surrounding constructions.
  • Choice of materials for enclosure and finishings to ensure durability of constructions.
  • Low-energy performance level. Exterior insulation, thick façade to the west, humidity sensitive CMV with low energy ventilators, thermal solar collectors for DHW.
  • Light factor important in all premises.
  • Reduction of permeable surfaces with regard to existing surfaces. Water storage for watering and holding vessel made from shredded tyres.
  • Efficient natural lighting and artificial lighting.