Pierre de Ronsard Secondary School

Contracting party: Loir-et-Cher General Council

Redevelopment and extension of a secondary school for 500 students.

 5,021 M2 / COST OF WORKS: € 5.4 M / DELIVERY: 2012

The redevelopment of the school is a pretext for various major objectives, namely:

  • An urban response in terms of image and relations with the environment
  • Coherence of the buildings with regard to existing buildings
  • The site’s landscaping
  • The institutional image of this public building. The contracting party wishes to offer a special aspect for the establishment’s new entrance. Access from Rue Pierre de Ronsard will feature an inner court leading users directly to the entrance hall. This hall is a strategic feature as it connects the administration building, the accommodation blocks and the school premises.

Environmental Approach:

  • Energy efficient building
  • Exterior insulation
  • Thick façades to the south (shade)
  • Production of solar hot water
  • Flow control with punctured underground basins